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Our History

The idea for WeMigrants came in 2019 from a Gambian migrant in Germany, Seedy Saidykhan, who’s the founder of a refugee platform on Facebook and YouTube, and together with his friend, a Greek migrant in Germany, Tom Tziros, establish the platform in 2020. As part of his work he thought it’s necessary to create informative website for refugees and migrants to offer a unique communication structure with a balanced information

Seedy’s platform that already exists on Facebook was very useful to many migrants in different ways and he thought there should be an organized migrant-help-migrant platform! With More potential to help and assist. After research and a co-design workshop with refugees and other refugee aid actors in 2019, Seedy has put his idea into practice in early 2020. With thousands of hits and several hundred questions, it became clear in the first month that the concept was accepted by Oldenburg city and initially supported by it

Tom Tziros joined to support the concept January 2020 to expand the program with Seedy Saidykhan to put together a team. In April they decided to make “We Migrants” their main task, and founded “We Migrants” platform. The first  work of Seedy, Tom and their team was also made possible due to the support received from Förderverein Dietrichsfeld e.V and Oldenburg City.