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The new German draft Law for Migration

Demo in Wien Equal rights for refugees

Since the forming of the new coalition government in Germany we knew that they would be a time where the new government should start implementing their agreement for dealing with the migration issue.

The law, if it passes the vote in German parliament, is giving the opportunity to migrants that are in Germany only with a toleration status that its renewed through the years, to have the right to stay permanent in Germany.

The law has some perquisites that makes migrants to be eligible for a permanent stay. Which are those perquisites?

  1. The migrant should have lived by 1 of January 2022 at least 5 years in Germany and
  2. those 5 years they should have a “Duldung” (Toleration status).
  3. they shouldnt have any criminal record
  4. they have to have clarified their identity and last but not least
  5. they should have been well integrated

Lets see what does it mean. If you are in Germany 5 years this month, you are not eligible for the permanent status, you should 5 at least 5 years in Germany in The first of January 2022.

If you are 5 or more years by the 1st of January 2022 in Germany you should have the last 5 years Toleration (Duldung) permit. So for example, the migrants who are in Germany 5 years but the first 2 years they had no Duldung, they are not eligible.

If a migrant was arrested and has a criminal record, nothing else matters, he is not eligible fro the new law.

If you have all the above right and you want to use this law then you should clarify your identity. There is no way to get the permanent stay permit if the authorities do not know who you are.

Last but not least you have to be well integrated. What does this mean for the German authorities?

You have to have a B1 in the German language. This means you have to give a test and pass. So if you are in Germany 5 years and you haven’t learned the language yet, it would be a problem. Also good integrated for this law is that you have a job that can support you without help from social welfare.

For the migrants that have the first 4 perquisites the German state will give a special one year permit so that they can achieve the last one, having the B1 and a job that supports them.

Our advice for those who have not a B1 and not a job, is the following : start now with the language get the certification and then find a job, whatever job that can support your needs, in order to get the permit. If you wait until the law is passed you will loose valuable time. Its very difficult to work and study for the language.

If this law passes it would affect about 100.000 migrants. The deportations wont stop and in the new law has a part where it should be possible to extend detention pending deportation for offenders to six months. Up to now, it has generally been limited to three months.

The new draft law if it passes will be a salvation for the migrants who really want to have a future in Germany so we urge to fulfill the necessary perquisites.