Demo in Wien Equal rights for refugees

The new German draft Law for Migration

The law, if it passes the vote in German parliament, is giving the opportunity to migrants that are in Germany only with a toleration status that its renewed through the years, to have the right to stay permanent in Germany.

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Pushbacks and lies in the highest level

For the people that follow the news about migration was known that at least since the beginning of the year Greece, one of the three countries that until recently where entry points of irregular migration […]

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Migration policies: stay informed

Image above by Jan Vašek from Pixabay/CC As we pointed out in previous article, migration policies changes every day in the whole world under the fear of spreading Covid-19. Recently we discovered a site form […]

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How does Covid-19 affect global migration?

Image above by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay There are too many that are trying to guess how global migration will be affected from the pandemic of Covid-19.  In fact how our world would be tomorrow. […]

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