Month: June 2020

Horror pictures from the United States

Donald Trump has been President of the United States for three and a half years, which gives him immense personal power. It has been clear from the beginning that he will not be a president of peace, but his campaign was too much based on racism and sexism.

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Submitting your passport to the foreign office as required for the Ausbildungduldung. What can happen?

Image from Wikimedia commons Author doe-oakridge This have been a great concern to Migrants and refugees in Germany. For the past three months we received similar question concerning to this issue “What could be my […]

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migrants in Somalia

New law in Bremen is paving the way to employment and security for asylum seekers

Just yesterday (11.06.2020) the parliament of Bremen voted for a new decree, after a proposition from the left party “Die Linke”, that helps asylum seekers to find their way in the job market in Bremen but also in security

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