Interview with filmmaker Asha Siad

How is it when you are born in a city and before you can have your first memories from this city you have to become a refugee in country 12,747 km away? When you become […]

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Oldenburg Kultursommer 2021

Culture Summer event in Oldenburg

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setting goals for Integration

First Step of Integration

Integration is a lifelong process. Seedy knows it ans he is trying through his experience to advice young Migrants. Seedy knows that you cannot be integrated in a country when you can not communicate. You […]

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Residence Permit through Ausbildung in Germany

Seedy is explaining why Ausbildung (Apprenticeship) can be used as a Plan B in order to get the Residence Permit and also because it helps for the Integration of the migrants. His advice is based […]

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Permit to stay in Germany

In this video Seedy is explaining the necessary requirements in order somebody to get a permanent permit of residence in Germany. The requirements are described in the Law of the German state, under a specific […]

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